What Is Teeth Crowding?

Treating Teeth Crowding in Kennewick, WA

cartoon of teeth crowding, Kennewick, WA When the teeth don’t grow in correctly, you may struggle with teeth crowding and a crooked smile that may make it hard to feel comfortable showing off your smile in public. There are certain forms of treatment to help free up some of the space in your mouth and give you an aligned smile that you deserve.

Treating Teeth Crowding

There are different types of teeth crowding that you may experience, and overcrowding is when there isn’t enough space in the mouth for teeth to grow in the way that they should. Teeth crowding can be classified as mild, moderate, or severe and will depend on the size of your jaw as well as the number of teeth you have.

Different causes of teeth crowding may include:

  • Genetics- This could be because the teeth are too large compared to the size of your jaw and don’t fit correctly and start to overlap and twist. This could also be because the jaw is just too small and can cause dental crowding as the permanent teeth grow in.
  • Trauma- If you lose a primary tooth earlier than you should, your teeth may begin to crowd as your permanent teeth grow in.
  • Improper eruption- This could happen when the baby teeth are retained in the mouth for longer than they should be and need to be removed by your dentist so that the permanent teeth can grow in correctly. If these teeth aren’t removed in time, this could result in overcrowding.

Some common forms of treatment for teeth crowding include:

  • Braces
  • Invisalign
  • Dental Veneers

Don't let yourself struggle with teeth crowding for too long. Contact your orthodontist today to learn about how to treat your overcrowded smile.

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