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Starting Out

After we put on braces, we recommend not eating for 3 hours as the cement is still setting completely on the teeth (or eat foods/drinks that don't require being bitten into: a smoothie or yogurt). The moment we put a wire on, your teeth will feel very slight pressure which is what will move the teeth to the proper position. Your mouth may begin to feel tender the day after braces are put on and foods will be a little more difficult to eat. To relieve any soreness, rinse your mouth with warm salt water or mouthwash. If there is constant pain and it interferes with your life you may take a common pain reliever such as aspirin. Wax on the braces can help reduce irritation (make sure you dry the area before applying wax or else it won't stick).

Your mouth and teeth will become accustomed to braces very quickly, and your new smile is just getting closer to emerging! Congratulations!

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